Sardunya Karaköy Yalı – Food With a View


Located in between the Bosphorus Bridge, the Maiden’s Tower and the Topkapı
Palace, Sardunya Karaköy Yalı restaurant fascinates its visitors with delectable food
offered with a heavenly view. We’ve conducted an interview with them to further
inform our readers about the gorgeous venue.

Can you briefly introduce the company “Sardunya” to our readers?

Sardunya Catering and Restaurants has been active since 1976 in the food industry.Celebrating our 42nd year, we are proud to be a favoured brand for many due to our diligence with quality and health. In the catering business, we serve over 1,200 workplaces and provide food services for 200,000 people daily. Sardunya KaraköyRestaurant and the Bosphorus Brewing Company have been operating under the roof of Sardunya Restaurants Group for 21 years.

Sardunya Karaköy Restaurants seafood menu is extensive, but you also offer a wide range of meat dishes and baked goods, as well as ample breakfast options.What is your secret to success?

We work with a lot of experienced staff-members at the kitchen in Sardunya Karaköy.
The professional approach in our service and our kitchen team has brought us success
in many areas. In accordance with the request of our guests, we can meet
organizational demands in virtually any area.

Seafood is something that requires experience and attention. What are your priorities in this regard, and how is the menu shaped?

At Sardunya Karaköy, we aim to specialize in seafood. We offer the most delicious
and intricate seasonal dishes made with different cooking techniques to our guests.
Some winter specialties of ours are bonito blended with season’s vegetables and
served with fried sourdough bread; celery-sprinkled poached anchovies; corb stew
with chanterelle, and our tub gurnard soup – none of which you can find elsewhere in

The food and beverage industry is constantly changing. How do you keep up with innovations?

In order to stay up to date, we are always on the lookout for trends that are popular
around the world as well as new plating and presentation techniques – not only
through social media and print magazines but also on-site. As a result of our R&D
studies, we are developing different cooking methods to improve our presentations
and flavour range.

You also host events, weddings and meetings in your restaurant. What kind of services do you offer your guests in such organizations?

As the Sardunya Karaköy team, we promise to transform the most meaningful and
special day of your lives into a fairy tale. We can make the night unforgettable with
unique tastes prepared by our chefs. Our services include determining the menu, the
décor as well as music. We also provide support for companies for special meetings
and product launches.

Having breakfast at the Bosphorus is one of the greatest pleasures of Istanbulites and visitors alike. What are some things inlcuded in Sardunya’s Sunday breakfast?

Sunday breakfasts remind us of cosy and intimate meals, so we wanted to give our
guests the same enjoyment. We serve between 10:00 and 14:00 on the edge of the
Bosphorus. All products offered for breakfast are brought from different parts of
Turkey. Boyoz comes from Izmir and the Cabarnet Jam is from Bozcaada. Simit, a
quintessential Bosphorus boat-rise snack, is also a must in our breakfasts. Besides
these, we prepare a table rich in options; including different kinds of pies and egg


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