Rolls Royce Cullinan


Discover the smoothest ride on the planet.

Named after the largest diamond ever found, the Cullinan sparkles as the first all-
wheel-drive vehicle and the first with a hatchback in Rolls-Royce’s 112-year
history. With a roofline just over 6 feet high, it is also the tallest Rolls-Royce ever.


Powering the Cullinan, which has a curb weight greater than 3 tons, a
tremendous 6.7-liter V-12 engine swallows pressurized air from two
turbochargers to produce a walloping 563 hp. Rolls-Royce cars are lauded for
having the world’s smoothest ride, which the Cullinan delivers with the help of a
stereoscopic camera that detects upcoming bumps in the road, and then the

Cullinan adjusts ride height accordingly to mitigate any potential passenger
discomfort. In addition, the Cullinan uses an algorithm to divide torque between
the front and rear axle and keep the acceleration silky smooth, while the vehicle
delivers linear power through a four-wheel steering system. When parked, the
Cullinan lowers 1.5 inches to make entry and egress easier. All of this equates to
what may be the most comfortable ride on the planet.

The cabin furthers this extremely high standard for comfort. The Cullinan is
available in two rear-seat configurations: a somewhat traditional but
nonetheless plush leather bench that seats up to three people or, for the ultimate
in luxury travel, two individually adjustable seats on either side of a center
console, which doubles as a bar—complete with glassware and a refrigerator.
With the seats up, the rear compartment offers 21.2-cubic feet of storage space,
which can accommodate a set of golf clubs and weekend duffels. Or, in Rolls-
Royce fashion, this space can include a lavish feature that the company calls a
Viewing Module. With the touch of a button, a rearward set of seats and a
cocktail table emerge from the tailgate to create an intimate space for taking in
the scenery.

Beyond performance, comfort, and luxury, perhaps the most striking element of
the Cullinan is the translation of Rolls-Royce’s design language to the SUV
platform. For the Cullinan, the brand’s design studio kept the classic Rolls-Royce
dimensions intact, making sure each proportion remained true to the brand’s
subtle and dignified design philosophy.

The Cullinan is both understated and a masterful expression of elegance. It is
perhaps the most anticipated vehicle Rolls-Royce has ever produced, and it is the
very definition of superlative. None of the brand’s iconic character was lost
during the transformation from sedan to SUV and, with the Cullinan, Rolls-Royce
has set the benchmark for the category.


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