Ready, Set ‘Gram


Instagram sensation ‘The Colour Factory’ has arrived in New York City, where visitors can interact with a myriad of tonal installations and take photos in a giant blue ball pit.

After an eight-month stint in San Francisco, the exhibition has taken over 20,000 square feet (1,860 square metres) of space in Soho for a yet-determined time period.

Visitors arrive to the Spring Street address and enter into a foyer area, where poetry about New York’s colours is written on the wall, and fabric ribbons installed by Emmanuelle Moureaux create a rainbow effect overhead.

Each guest is registered and given a card with a QR code, which they can scan along their journey to take photos at various stations, without holding their smartphones. The images are emailed almost instantly.

The experiences are encountered room by room, connected at times by stripy corridors or snack stops. One space is filled with balloons that are buffeted around by wind machines, which visitors can also take advantage of for hairography. Another room challenges pairs to draw each other, while a further area features glockenspiel blocks for creating a musical cacophony.

Next, a personality test in the form of dual-choice infographic drawn across the floor and walls leads to five different photo booths, each illuminated in a different bold hue. After the shoot, screens prescribe a specific shade of the chosen colour, which is then meant to inform dance moves on the light-up floor in the adjacent disco-themed space.


 The New York-specific elements include a project by Andrew Kuo, who made observations about life in the city, and asked locals which statements they agreed with. He then depicted their answers as pie charts, which cover large spinning disks – intended to be sat or laid on so ceiling-mounted cameras can take ‘boomerang’ videos as they twist.

The exhibition climaxes in a large room entirely coloured pale blue, where visitors can frolic in a huge ball pit and take photos with more overhead cameras. Stepped seats are provided for spectators, and small booths offer gelato and colourful knick-knacks.


Before they leave, visitors are given a map of various colour-related artworks across Lower Manhattan that they can seek out in their own time. 

The Colour Factory is the latest a series of installations targeted at Instagrammers determined to snap the perfect pictures. The NYC exhibit is located at 251 Spring Street, and has been open for public viewing since the 20th of August 2018. 


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