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What you own is your prestige

Born to a collector family, the founder and curator of RC Art Gallery and Bilkent Art Street Rahmi Çöğendez’s success when it comes to collecting and gallery management is not a product of chance. His collector genes also made the profession his passion. His childhood amongst his father’s collection of Ottoman coins and his uncle’s objects and various samovars from Tsarist Russia kept his curiosity about the past alive as he grew up while observing the meanings behind antiquities, aesthetics and art.

“Our purpose is to teach and endear art and collecting”

This year, collector Rahmi Çöğendez celebrates his 20 th year with RC Art Gallery through personalized projects and auctions, along with the 10 th anniversary of Bilkent Art Street which he founded at the Bilkent Center. Stating that his aim is to make his art gallery to be accessible to all of society, Çöğendez says about RC Art Gallery: “I believe that art galleries should be inviting. Art galleries should be accessible to all of society instead of being exclusive to a certain class. Since I entered this business, my goal was to make art accessible and understandable for everyone. If a person looks at an art piece and
thinks “I don’t get it”, that is because there were no intriguing and explanatory options available to them. When you create those options, those same people will have a change of perspective when it comes to art. So much so that they will interpret paintings and find things to identify and love in unconventional works.”

“Your values determine your worth, not the money in your pocket”

Emphasizing that a good painting is one of the best investments in the world, Çöğendez also stated:“The Late Sakıp Sabancı had a saying. It can be summed up as ‘Your values determine your worth, not the money in your pocket’. I understood that early on. Whoever you are, no matter how much money you have, it doesn’t matter. If you possess value, even if they are on your wall or your table and they attract people’s attention, this is the most important thing to pride yourself with. I always say that if you want to invest in the future, buy a painting. As you know, paintings have never lost value throughout human history, instead they always gained it. Empires, kingdoms, nobles always displayed their power with the art works they possessed.”

“Only you own this in the world”

Maintaining his confidence regarding the originality and individuality of the works sold in RC Art Gallery, Çöğendes said; “When I choose an art work, my main priority is their individuality. Fame is also important to attract people to the auction. But for me, it must be done without replicas or play acting. I guarantee the individuality of every work I sell to collectors at RC Art Gallery and say that ‘Only you own this in the world’. This means that the work in question possesses a value that transcends borders. This is the world’s most important investment.”


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