Have a Firmer and Fuller Butt With Implants

Butt enhancement is one of the most preferred operations when it comes to getting aesthetically pleasing body proportions. Until now, I mentioned using the fat transfer technique for reshaping the butt in my articles. Today, I would like to talk about the implants used in butt enhancement.

Also known as the thigh enhancement procedure, this operation is more about shaping the butt instead of enlarging it. Restructuring this are allows it to appear more proportional. Many women and men are not pleased with the shape of their buttocks and do strenuous exercise to improve the size and firmness of this area. Yet many of them either yield disappointing results and fail to achieve their desired shape. Reshaping the butt with implants allows the patient to wear all types of clothes they desire and be confident in their looks along with achieving a natural looking and proportional shape. However, I must also note that a flat backside is usually a result of genetics; but it can also be caused by weight loss, illness and ageing. 

If you talk with your doctors before a butt enhancement operation, they will lay out solutions depending on your personal anatomy and the final method will be decided accordingly. As I always remind my patients; a butt enhancement procedure will not transform you or solve a life crisis, but it will boost your self-confidence and improve your quality of life since it’s something you strongly desire. Do not seek out this operation to please others in any way, only do it if it’s what you want.

The incision of a butt implant is done on the line of the two butt cheeks under general anesthesia. After implants are placed under the muscle, these incisions are closed. The size of the implants is to be decided with your doctors beforehand. It is highly important to choose an implant that will be the most natural looking depending on your body structure and type.

The procedure

First order of business is to decide on the size of the implant – which is dependent on your butt size, shape, what result you desire and the recommendations of your doctor. The operation is conducted under general anesthesia. The slits are made underneath the two cheeks (where they join with the upper thigh) or the upper parts of the sides of the cheeks. They can also be made to both sides of the upper thighs. The incisions are usually made in the middle of the sacrum so that the curve between the buttocks can hide the scar. Your doctor will decide on the location of the incision. Afterwards, the silicone implant made specifically for the rear is placed either under the muscle or placed over the gluteal muscle. My preference is always under the muscle. The location and the method of placement of the implant depends on the type of implant, desired enhancement size, your body type and the recommendation of your surgeon.

Recovery period

You can immediately see the results of a butt enhancement. In time, the post-surgery lumps disappear, and the incision lines fade. The results of this operation are permanent. The incision will also be bandaged. Small and thin tubes may be temporarily placed under the skin to collect extra blood and liquid that can possibly gather in the area. Depending on your condition, you might be discharged on the same day. You may also have to wear a corset after the procedure. Your surgeon will inform you about the period of time you should wear it or whether there are other garments you should wear during the recovery period. You can return to work in approximately a week. 

Take care of your body and soul.


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