de Grisogono



Evoking a stream of precious stones, the new Cascata watch from Swiss luxury jeweller de Grisogono features dainty prongs paved with 126 brilliant-cut diamonds proudly bearing the 72 oval-cut stones composing the exquisitely hemmed watch bezel. The prongs dominate and punctuate a torrent of gems totalling more than 30 carats, forming a subtly graduated flow that in turn traces the oval shape of the watch and reveals a dial snow-set with 148 stones. Patience and infinite care have been lavished on sculpting each and every detail of the gems adorning Cascata. To ensure the densest possible setting and create the impression that the gems merge into a seamless whole, the artisans of the Maison de Grisogono have spent almost 100 hours recutting the oval-shaped stones.



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