CRN M/Y Cloud 9


Different people achieve the feeling of being on cloud nine in different ways. For the Australian owner of the 243-foot (74-meter) CRN Cloud 9, spending time aboard his high-tech home afloat does the trick.

A spectacular and powerful combination of engineering expertise and ground-breaking design, the Cloud 9 is a close collaboration between CRN shipyard, Zuccon International Project and Winch Design. 

In terms of visual impact, technology, flexibility and comfort, Cloud 9 is outstanding for the ratio of interior to exterior spaces, the perfectly balanced superstructure that confers lightness upon it, the layout of technical systems, and the attention to detail given to each and every aspect, starting with its special relationship to the sea. 

The sea is the blue carpet on which the yacht can flaunt its fluid lines and performance, and a life partner for long periods on board, including business and charter trips. We are made conscious of this by the pearly effects of the glossy ceilings and walls, the whiteness of the beaches expressed everywhere, the gradations and refined contrasts of blue, as well as elegant new takes on maritime classics such as oak, rope, and leather – features that implicitly bring a flavour of the sea to your experience, perhaps strengthened by the explicit references found throughout Cloud 9. 

The entire vessel has an air of grace. Its dual purpose as a private and charter vessel means its design is centred around people. Stefano de Vivio, CRN and Ferretti Group’s Chief Commercial Officer, says: “the CRN shipyard is one of the main brands creating dual-purpose vessels, which are becoming increasingly popular”. The charter side of the vessel’s personality can be seen in various architectural choices: such as the charter check-in lobby on the lower deck flank, the equipment area totally separated from the guest area, and the cabins all in the same corridor as they are in a cruise ship, with each door displaying a different character from George Lucas’s Star Wars – a series of which the ship owner is a huge fan. 

Looking at the details, there is the user-friendly decision to use a simple panel for automation, rather than the futuristic switch controls that are normally found on CRN’s private boats, which are also fitted on this vessel for those who prefer them. No less important is the availability of technical space, storage and utility rooms arranged skilfully on all decks. These are indispensable for a yacht that can sail from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, or from South America to Singapore, providing charter-level living conditions and allowing for comfort during extended periods on board, while also dedicating spaces to business use and normal family activities. 

After the ship was delivered to its owner, he and his family – including the nanny to look after the two little boys, and a teacher – did not leave the vessel for 141 days.  This ship is entirely customised, from its infinity pool with Culligan fittings, hydro-emotional colours, iPad-controlled RGB Lutron lights, and a set of 4 invisible transducers – tiny speakers housed in the aluminium of the furniture that can replace traditional speakers and ensure clean, pure sound. The Videoworks Kerio Control system protects the ship and its owner from the dangers of the internet, and manages bandwidth to limit access if there is a significant request for bandwidth and connection speed. 

Smart management of internal spaces means that this yacht, measuring 74 metres in length and 13.50 metres wide, is large enough to comfortably accommodate 22 staff members and 12 guests, increasing to 16 if some staff cabins are used, including a beautiful double cabin on the main deck. 

Its maximum speed is 16 knots and when cruising at 15 it has a 4000-mile range, which can rise to 6000 when sailing at 12 knots. Its vibrations and noise levels are very low (44 dB at 15 knots on the owner’s deck). Of course, these features depend not only on the efficiency of the two Caterpillar 3516C-Chd 2000 kW @1600 rpm engines, but also on the appropriate distribution of weight and space, as well as the lines and dynamics of the hull and superstructure, all of which were the outcome of synergistic teamwork. 

The team was made up of the Engineering Team at the CRN shipyard in Ancona, the young Bernardo Zuccon – who together with his sister Martina heads the Zuccon SuperYacht Design division at the Zuccon International project, which designed the external lines and internal compartmentalisation – and the famous designer Andrew Winch, founder of Winch Design, who dealt with the internal decor and the external decor in the guest area. 

The Cloud 9 is a stunning summer cocktail of technical skill and extraordinary design, garnished with plenty of passion and joie de vivre, meeting its owner’s needs perfectly. 


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