Crab Market – All the Seafood You Need


Dubai – the new capital of the gastronomic world, attracts foodies from around the
world. Bulldozer Group in partnership with WRF Group present a gastronomic
project: Crab Market- a seafood restaurant where crab is the main character. Royal,
red king, opilio, spiny – the menu includes the best variety of these delicacies from all
over the world, as well as a rich collection of fish and seafood.

The restaurant, located on the 15th floor of the Dubai International Financial Centre,
presents foodies of Dubai a unique gastronomic experience, an open kitchen with a
chef’s table and stalls of fresh seafood. A panoramic view of the historic city center,
famous Burj Khalifa and the Gulf can be seen through the ceiling to floor windows.
Visitors are welcomed into a cool, contemporary space, split into a lounge of high bar
tables and a slightly more formal yet cosy restaurant setting.

The chef’s team is led by chef Vladimir Mukhin, the brain behind Moscow’s White
Rabbit restaurant, which is currently ranked No. 23 on the World’s 50 best restaurants
list. Developed under his leadership, the menu fuses culinary traditions of the Atlantic
and Mediterranean cultures. The broad geography of the ingredients used ranges from
the Barents Sea to the Indian Ocean, from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific – and they
provide opportunities for the chefs to choose the best ingredients.

Live crabs and fish are kept in the restaurant in large tanks filled with sea water. As a
result, the main delicacy will get to the table in its original form, preserving all the
freshness and richness of its natural taste. Guests can order crab phalanges with
several special sauces, or choose from a wide variety of other crab dishes.

The venue is designed by Geometry Design – known for their projects at Novikov
Restaurant & Bar in London and Dubai. The concept is based on the joyful feeling
that is experienced on a Mediterranean coast. Centrally located open kitchen
resembles a modern luxury yacht, and dominates the interior. Cool exteriors of marble
are placed with natural rocky surfaces. Cozy sofas contribute to the relaxing mood
while ice-cellars filled with fresh seafood prepare the guests for a real gastronomic

The food is the real star of the show at Crab Market, while the view, atmosphere and
cosy ambiance adds to the unforgettable dining experience. Don’t leave the place
without trying the kamchatka crab with lettuce and avocado, or the Salmon, mango &
ciboulette tartare!


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