Yana Rusnak

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The Kiev based budding contemporary artist.

Born and based in Ukraine (Kiev), Yana Rusnak is taking the Eastern European post-modern art world by storm with her penchant for biblical allegories, and liberal use of geometric patterns with contrasting colours.

The essence of Yana Rusnak’s art lies in the whirlpool of the cosmic element of love. The artist is evidently sincere in her belief that God, being the absolute beginning of all creation, is love, as well as the main driving force of the universe. Some of her works are Matisse-style silhouettes and feature the decorative ‘decoupage’ style, where the figures are reduced to symbols. Sometimes they may take the form of subdued signs, other times ornate ones in their plastic expression. At the dawn of the last century, Matisse’s figures and signs as the elements of impersonation completely absolved themselves from the burden of gravity. This is the line of ecstatic ethereality that encompasses the feelings which Rusnak inhibits.

Yana Rusnak

Her other works are reminiscent of geometric art deco patternwork, where the palpitation of the material passes into the channel of the conventional. The interaction of a man and a woman is reduced to a mutual reenactment of the mating dance – the couples are drawn to each other on the background of stars and planets. Behind the figures one can observe the vibrancy of the colours, and see the stars’ cores aflame, signifying the birth of a new life. Love and passion, personified by the red horse floating in space, are related to each other. Analogies look both obvious and transparent – the inner abyss of a human is as much filled with love as the abyss of space.

Yana Rusnak

Each woman is trying to build a space for her feelings deeper than the everyday reality. The infinity of the universe matches the scale of her feelings. The same applies to time & love, which for most people, are the unique and the shortest moments of conscious existence, and are projected onto eternity. However, Rusnak is not the first to pursue the religion of love. Be it Marc Chagall’s floating lovers, Emil Nolde’s Materia Obscura to Oskar Kokoschka’s Bride of the Wind; art feeds on love. It is its Dionysian impulse, the triumph of the unconscious in its purest shape and being so well tuned in with contemporary mentality.

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