The Rhythm of the Stones

Inspired by precious stones, this collection offers you the melody of gemstones

Cartier’s new collection, Résonances de Cartier, echoes the glamour of precious stones. At first, a slow breeze caresses the stones. As they seemingly breathe in a steady rhythm, a sudden beat of a heart gives them life. Steady swings, lively rhythms and breathing stones give life to Résonances de Cartier. Every piece manages to stimulate your senses with the energy of their designs.

With numerous options, the collection possesses nearly a hundred pieces. Clasped wristbands that can change colour with the flick of a wrist, bracelets that can also be used as brooches, and necklaces that can turn into diadems are some of the prominent pieces of the collection. Jewellery house uses resonance as a reference in order obtain these striking looks.

Going on a journey to discover the concept of resonance, Cartier manages to go further than just presentation in its new collection, and manages to stir up the senses while presenting emotions in a graphic manner. This design approach can be seen in the curved shapes of some bracelets and necklaces or in the design of a pair of black and white diamond rings. Interpreting concepts of emptiness and fullness, these two stones are connected to each other and their energy allows for the contrast of black and white to be seen. Similarly, the design of the emerald necklace gives the piece an impression of waves on the cabochon surfaces, as the glittering auras of the stones are felt intimately.

From that perspective, the jewels in this collection are comprised of “sage” stones. Besides the graphic exteriors, using the reduction principle in the design completely upends the piece layout, thus keeping the attention on the stones.

Résonances de Cartier maintains a design approach that directs the attention on the source of the pieces; the stones and their energy. Here, the raison d’être of the master jeweller is to present the stones. These dynamic echoes and vibrations are not the sole factors that determine the form and design of the pieces though. Colour is just as important. Some pieces in the collection examine the hues and their visual effects of the stones, while some pair them with other stones to intensify the aura of the pieces.

The resonance we mentioned above is the basic concept of Cartier’s craftsmanship, as they wish to exhibit the most elegant pieces and the most precious stones. For Cartier, the mission of a jewellery artisan should be determining the most striking aspect of a precious stone and reinterpreting it through an artistic form. At the core of the brands style lies the desire to draw attention to the resonance of the precious stones.

According to François-Marc Sastr, Southeast European Director of Cartier, their brand also prioritizes shapes when creating new collections. Stating that every design process manifests itself with an aesthetic direction, Sastr said “In Cartier, we express the characters of the jewels through the aesthetics of our creations. An evolution already happened when it comes to the role of jewellery in society. Exquisite pieces and designs are now used in daily lives as much as they were used in grand occasions. Women today are more informed, and they possess a sharp eye and more importantly higher awareness. They are aware of the perception of the jewellery they wear. When we presented Tutti Frutti and multi-coloured designs for the first time, the extraordinary aesthetics of them only managed to capture the attention of our Western customers. Today however, those pieces are considered a standard and they’ve become a creative reference source in the high jewellery world.”

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