Metiers d’Arts Fabuleux Ornaments

By Vacheron Constantin

The new Métiers d’Arts Fabuleux Ornements collection is an irresistible
invitation to embark on a journey celebrating the ornamental beauties of the
world drawn from the decorative arts of several cultures. China and its ancient
embroideries, India and its colourfully illustrated manuscripts, the Ottoman
empire and its architecture, France and its lacework: all are sources of
inspiration conveying their art through gossamer-light compositions exalted by
the artisans of Vacheron Constantin. Guillochage, Grand Feu enamel, diamonds,
pearls and mother-of-pearl, as well as engraving, glyptics and gemstone
cloisonné effects: traditional arts at the crossroads between various cultures
spring to life, in step with the oscillations of an exquisitely airy hand-engraved

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