The Vessel


The Vessel

Eiffel Tower of New York

Designed by the English designer Thomas Heatherwick, The Vessel is located in the Hudson Yards in the West Coast of Manhattan. Consisted of sections interconnected with each other, this massive structure has 154 staircases, 2500 stairs and 80 landings. In order sustain its shine and prevent oxidization, its main material is steel. Although its construction took place in Italy, the pieces were brought to New York in six separate shipments to be assembled.

Resembling a “Honeycomb” or a “Ribcage”, The Vessel’s greatest strength comes from its architectural vagueness. It serves as a different experience for tourists and a meeting place for the locals. It is also notable for being in the New York’s biggest private sector estate investment area since Rockefeller Center.

The Vessel also possesses a striking skyline with Hudson River as the background

Visitors can enjoy different perspectives of Hudson Yards and interior of the structure as they climb the stairs of this iconic building. The main draw of this huge monument is not the exterior but the interior with its aesthetic coherence. Maybe you too will follow the New York tradition and put your phone on the ground in the middle of the structure to capture that magnificent volume with its spirit.


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