Cappadocia – A Land of Treasures


Cappadocia, one of the most fantastic and beautiful regions of the world, was formed through nature’s magical journey. The city is located in a historical region in Central Anatolia, largely in Nevşehir Province, in Turkey.

The Cappadocia landscape and the surrounding area began to be shaped millions of years ago when the volcanic layer of lava and ashes covered the area upon the eruption of the volcanic mountains Erciyes, Hasandag and Güllüdag. The volcanic landscape took its final shape with the course of time due to erosion caused by wind and rain.

The natural landscape of Cappadocia took form over millions of years and it is among the most beautiful examples of nature. The fairy chimneys and the houses and churches carved out of the rocks have been preserved for centuries with great care. The fairy chimneys and magnificent frescoes carved inside those dwellings are among the world’s most interesting sights.

The Goreme Open Air Museum has a large collection of relics and structures of the Christian culture that have inhabited Cappadocia hundreds of years ago. Especially the churches carved into soft rocks are monumental structures and first examples of natural architecture. Tokali Kilise (Church of the Buckle), Rahibeler Manastırı (Monastery of Nuns), Yilanli Kilise (the Snake Church) and the Chapel of St. Barbara are among more than 250 churches that are open for the visitors.

One of the attractions of the area, the Ortahisar Castle was carved into the rocks at an altitude of 1200 meters during Hittite period. It was built to protect the city but was also used as a settlement. Since it is placed on a hill, it offers amazing views over the region.

Cappadocia region holds many relics from the Seljuq and Ottoman eras along with underground cities and caves from prehistoric periods. One of the first pro-city settlements of the world, Çatalhöyük is home to many relics from the Neolithic period that are still investigated. While those historic artefacts provide invaluable information about the history of the region, they also offer unique experiences for the visitors. Mounds such as Alacahöyük and Karahöyük as well as seven-layered underground cities such as Derinkuyu, Kaymaklı, Mazı and Civelek Cave are among the fantastic places to visit and dream about the people that inhabited those places thousands of years ago.

The highlight of Cappadocia adventure is the popular hot air balloon rides over the fascinating land of the region. The hot air balloons take off early in the morning and they offer spectacular views of the fairy chimneys. Up to 140 hot air balloons are taking off each morning during the peak season which adds to the beauty of the landscape and makes for great photo opportunities with colourful balloons gliding in crystal blue skies. Flying high in Cappadocia is an experience of a lifetime.

Cappadocia has hundreds of dining options serving a variety of Turkish food, covering most price ranges. From kababs to modern dishes, the restaurants offer delicious Turkish cuisine for the visitor.

Cappadocia awaits visitors who want to explore the history and natural wonders of ancient times, have their stomach filled with tasty food and have a once in a lifetime experience in the air over the fascinating landscape.



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