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Rixos Evening Events

Hed Kandi
Rixos Premium Belek

May 13th / June 10th / July 8th /
Aug 5th / Sept 2nd, 30th

Gipsy Casual
Rixos Premium Belek

June 3rd / July 1st, 29th / Aug 26th / Sept 23rd

İrem Derici
İrem Derici is a pop singer from Turkey. She was born in Istanbul to parents Jale Ediz and Hulusi Derici. Her interest in music began at the age of four and continued throughout years of schooling. She has won a number of awards including Best Breakthrough Artist at the Altın Kelebek Awards and Best Single at the Turkey Music Awards.
Rixos Premium Tekirova
Sept 3rd

Egor Krid
The famous singer came to an agreement with Timati’s Black Star Inc. and became one of the Russia’s best hits of 2014 with his Samaya Samaya single. Released his first longplay ‘Holostyak’ on 2015.
Rixos Sungate
June 19th

Vremya I Steklo
Vremya I Steklo is an Ukrainian
pop duo formed in Ukraine by Potap. The group consists of
Nadya Dorofeeva and
Aleksey Zavgorodniy. Aleksey and Nadya were the participants and guests of large-scale music events, such as, the “Golden Gramophone Award”, the “Crimea Music Fest”,
the “Slavianski Bazaar”, “YUNA”,
“RU.TV Music Award” and others.
Rixos Sungate
May 2nd
Rixos Premium Tekirova
May 4t

Sergey Lazarev
Rixos Sungate
July 3rd

Burak Yeter
DJ & Producer Burak Yeter, creating mutual projects with artists from Turkey and the world. His latest album Tuesday, maintained its position in the top 3 for a long time Russian music lists.
Rixos Premium Belek
May 17th / June 14th / July 12th / Aug 9th / Sept 6th

Gripin is a Turkish rock band based in Istanbul. Gripin’s new single, entitled
“Böyle Kahpedir Dünya” (This World is a Harlot) has become a huge hit with television and radio stations, having led the Top 10 chart of MTV Turkey. The following single, “Sensiz Istanbul’a Düşmanım” (I Hate Istanbul Without You) a duet with Emre Aydın — saw an equal amount of success in terms of its popularity in Turkey. The band has recently won the prestigious Hürriyet Altın Kelebek Awards as Best Newcoming Band. To this day, the band continues to perform in clubs, concerts, and festivals.
Rixos Sungate
June 26th
Rixos Premium Tekirova
Sept 1st


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Floating Cloud

Floating Cloud

Floating Cloud, созданный совместными усилиями двух компаний, – это светильник «парящий» в воздухе благодаря магнитной левитации. Чудо дизайнерского искусства имеет…