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Interview with Rixos Premium Bodrum General Manager

Interview with Rixos Premium
Bodrum General Manager

Bodrum has been a favorite destination when it comes to tourism on both a local and international scale. The Rixos Premium Bodrum offers an unforgettable holiday experience by joining the historical, architectural and natural beauties of the region with unparalleled quality, and to get to know this extravagant hotel a little better, we had a chat with its ingenious general Manager Mehmet Tulunay.

1) Mr. Tulunay, you have been working under the Rixos roof for quite some time. Could you elaborate on your experiences during this time period?

I worked at various hotels within the Rixos company for quite some time, and each establishment offered me a different value and asset over the years. Rixos Premium Bodrum has a very special location that brings along several other qualities to the hotel. I believe that the experiences I’ve acquired in Bodrum have allowed me to innovate and amplify our hotel’s success, advancing my career in the meantime as well.

Since Bodrum is one of the most popular holiday destinations globally, Rixos Premium Bodrum is quite important for the Rixos brand. The region receives high profile visitors from within the country and abroad, catering to a high-income customer base. We are also the first establishment to offer a luxury all-inclusive villa package in Bodrum which places us among the industry leaders. Due to these reasons, our hotel ranks quite high in importance within our brand.

2) Rixos Premium Bodrum is the most talked-about facility in the region. What makes this hotel so special?

Bodrum is among the first places that comes to mind when it comes to vacationing in Turkey. Some of the reasons for its popularity are its nightlife, natural wonders and, of course, its local delicacies. Rixos Premium Bodrum strives to embody all these aspects that make Bodrum special. Spread out on an area of 187,000 m2, our guests can enjoy a peaceful, refreshing holiday thanks to the plethora of flora and fauna that permeate the estate, such as pine trees and olive trees, crystal clear turqoise beaches akin to that of the Maldives, squirrels, and a private island – the only one of its kind owned by a hotel in the region.

Amenities such as an open buffet with options from Turkish and International cuisines along with a-la-carte restaurants that offer Lebanese, Asian, as well as local cuisines with their authentic chefs and fresh seafood purchased daily, concerts, parties and live music garner a lot of attention from our guests.

All this and more are among the services that our hotel provides, but our most redeeming quality is our welcoming, dynamic staff members who will do their utmost to make you feel at home.

3) Prioritizing customer satisfaction with its uncompromized quality and luxury, Rixos Premium Bodrum also hosts special occasions such as weddings, birthdays and business meetings besides holiday accommodation on its premises. What are some of the services offered to your guests for these occasions?

Like our vacationing patrons, they too enjoy our unique personalized services. We do our best to serve our guests in the concept they desire for their special day. Since our establishment has its own private island, we possess an unparalleled advantage, one that is especially popular with weddings. Our island can be transformed to cater to various concepts, themes and events, and this enhances our customers’ experience because of the sheer difference of atmosphere that cannot be found anywhere else.

4) What are some upcoming projects for Summer 2017? Have you planned any special activities and programs for your guests?

This year, our focus will mainly be on augmenting our food & drink concepts. There will still be various concerts by famous performers throughout the season, and some important corporate social responsibility projects which will be hosted within the hotel as well.

Our renowned personalized approach to customer service will continue this year. Guests can expect some surprises regarding entertainment since the popular TV show, A Bodrum Fairytale (Bodrum Masali), is filmed on our premises. I also suggest following our social media accounts to keep up with our other surprises and updates.


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