Kemal Özcan

From local cook to international pastry
chef, this is Bolu’s rising culinary star.

After graduating from a culinary high school, Kemal Özcan started his career at the Çırağan Palace and has achieved many great feats since then. He later received formal training in Switzerland on confectionaries, and went on to get his diplomas from the Callebaut chocolate school in Belgium as well as the Valrhona pastry school in Paris. When he was 21, he worked as pastry chef assistant at the Al Bustan Palace InterContinental in Oman, one of the most prominent hotels in the Middle East. A year later he won the best pasty chef award in the restaurant desserts category.

Later, while working at the Ritz Carlton Doha, his dessert dishes were included in the menus of renown Michelin-Star chefs Denis Depoitre and Michael Voltaggio. Throughout his career, he has worked at many affluent hotel chains such as the Crowne Plaza, W Hotel Hong Kong, Ritz Carlton Doha, Ritz Carlton Dubai and Grand Hyatt Doha, as a pastry chef. After making the wedding cake of the Emir of Qatar’s daughter, he has also branched out into making the pastries and baked goods for the flights of Qatar’s Emir, as well as making bespoke chocolates for Qatar Airways. He has also won the Best Cupcake, Best Brunch-Dessert Buffet, and the Best Gourmet Pastry awards of Time-Out Doha magazine.

Being able to create extraordinarily delectable chocolates and pastries from local ingredients thanks to his knowledge and expertise over the years, the chef’s own brand, Kemal Özcan Patisserie, now works with hotels, restaurants and patisseries with a staff of 45. The company prefers to employ highly-skilled and enthusiastic staff members to offer bespoke dessert solutions to big brands as opposed to manufacturing industrialised products.


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