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Miracle Garden


A desert, spanning into the horizon as far as the eye can see, and suddenly, a beautiful oasis – featuring a giant clock made from flowers, houses adorned with colorful plants, roaming and vibrant peacocks running alongside the world’s biggest enclosed butterfly garden. This mystical place may sound like the rabbit hole to Wonderland that Alice tumbled into, but indeed, we are speaking of a very real place: the magical world that opened its door on the February 14, 2013 (Valentine’s Day) in Dubai called Miracle Garden.


Covered with 45 million flowers and spanning 72 thousand square meters, this giant garden came to existence within just one year, quite a short span of time considering its size. The watering of the garden and its hundreds of different flower species, each more beautiful than the other, is provided via recycled water. Also, in order to protect the flowers from the heat, there are numerous trees planted around the garden to provide shade.

Miracle Garden is open to visitors between the months of October and April. For summer, however, the flowers cannot grow in the daily temperatures that often reach 40 °C. Therefore, the garden is closed during that time and prepares for the next season.

Layered flower walls, horizontal and vertical landscape designs, flower pyramids that are 10 meters high, windmills covered with flowers, arc shaped pedestrian road, heart shaped romantic walkways, 3D giant colorful flowers and animals, chateaus with flower arrangements, vintage cars, annual concept themes, and much more are some of the features offered by this visual feast. In addition to all of this, Miracle Garden also holds a world record- on March 28 2013, the Garden entered the Guinness World Records for the longest flower wall.

The most striking work in the garden is the giant clock, which boasts the height of a five story building. The focal clock tower also has a birdhouse along with a bird that comes out every 15 minutes to sing.
Three gigantic peacock mannequins covered with colorful flowers are also among the miracles of the garden. With their splashy bodies, these peacocks are stationed carefully in order to provide contrast to the lush colors of the grass. Two of the peacocks have tails 12 meters in diameter opened like a fan. The third is 13 meters high and its closed tail is no less striking than the other two.

In 2015, Miracle Garden added the world’s largest and the region’s first closed butterfly garden to its collection. 15,000 butterflies and 26 different species enjoy the natural habitat of the garden. Covering 1,800 square meters, the habitat is formed by 9 domes covered with flowers in an area with a controlled climate. Each dome hosts different species, colors and shapes of butterflies. Among the domes, there is also a butterfly museum and a butterfly flower park.

Another important attraction the visitors must see at Miracle Garden is the Aromatic Garden. Here, you can see and smell aromatic and medicinal herbs collected from over 200 countries. You can touch and even collect herbs from the garden to brew your own tea. This unique experience is also boosted by a garden where visitors can pick fruits from hanging tree branches, which certainly encourages immersion.
If you visit Dubai between September and April, make sure to add Miracle Garden to your list of places to visit.




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