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Le Jules Verne


A Breathtaking Culinary Experience
at the Heart of the Eiffel Tower

France means a culinary tradition that grew up to change the world of gastronomy. This country’s cuisine is highly regarded as the greatest food on earth. What is it exactly about this place? Over the past century the culinary tradition here offered the world’s most important chefs and influenced so many of them. France also means Paris, the city of adventure and romance with the buzz of its cafes, its swinging street life, amazing fashion, unforgettable art, fabulous architectural landmark and great restaurants. Le Jules Verne combines the last two perfectly.

Le Jules Verne is a restaurant seen by almost all who come to Paris yet few realize it’s there. Raised above the viewing platforms on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, this restaurant offers unrivaled views of Paris, from its most momentous landmark. Even for those who have visited the Eiffel Tower numerous times, the view from the restaurant, some 125 meters above Paris, is spectacular. Here, you can witness the City of Lights in its entirety.

Whether it is a striking lunch or a romantic dinner, a meal at the Jules Verne is a rare experience. From discovery to surprise, you should allow yourself to be guided through a 5 or 6 course journey. The menu is at the very essence of the Jules Verne’s cuisine. The restaurant allows you to enjoy the contemporary French cuisine while overlooking the most spectacular view of the City of Lights, scintillating beneath your feet. To fully enjoy the experience, the chef offers a unique “tasting” menu.

This contemporary and elegant space was realized by interior designer Patrick Jouin. In daytime, natural light pours throughout the restaurant. In the evening, the atmosphere becomes more muted, more sensual. He explains: “I imagined a whole range of emotions composed of a number of intense moments and a decor that awakens a sense of escapism, using contemporary techniques.”

If you are planning a trip to Paris and would like to take a lunch break from your Paris tour or end your beautiful day with an extraordinary and romantic dinner experience, keep in mind that bookings for Le Jules Verne should be made through its website, up to three months in advance of your intended dining date. Bon voyage!

Photos by Pierre Monetta with the courtesy of Le Jules Verne




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