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Starting their journey on traditional arts as ‘Real Collection’ back in 1998, the brand then went on to provide services to art-lovers and collectors in Ankara with their private art dealership approach. During this process, they also served as consultants to individuals, families and corporate collectors, and created ‘Bilkent Sanat Sokağı’ (Bilkent Art Street) which initiated many other projects later on. Introducing numerous local and foreign artists to Turkish art-lovers and collectors, RC also organizes various events at home and abroad.

The idea of opening art galleries in hotels was first introduced with Dedeman, and then spread out to Hilton İstanbul Bosphorus. The prospect is now also being practiced in shopping malls, with the sole purpose of the movement being ‘promoting art’. Their biggest mission is to charm people with art and paintings. Rahmi Çoğandes’ quote “Every wall deserves an original” has become the pillar of their misson.

Not long ago, Yulia Ergene’s (first female art dealer to learn and hold auctions in Turkish) Ava Gallery, painter Pınar Kanber’s Park Gallery and RC Gallery joined forces and launched the “Arp Gallery.” The new venture’s name comes from the first letters of those three galleries. They want ‘Arp’ to hold a global place in art dealership. One of their plans is to prepare projects for corporations. Following their numerous collaborations with hotels and shopping malls, RC Gallery is currently working on opening a new art gallery named “Incek Loft by RC” at Tekfen’s Incek Loft mall, one of the Ankara’s largest living complexes. After the completion of this project, RC Gallery aims to open art galleries in living complexes similar to this. The team also wants corporations to see art as a PR activity, because what they truly desire is for art to be ‘everywhere’. In a world where quality is determined not by price but by values, investing in art is a feat that will add quality and prestige to brands.

Another project of Arp Gallery is called ‘20×18=2018’. With dimensions of 20×18 cm, these collection-worthy paintings are being prepared to be sold in Arp Gallery. All art-lovers, including corporations and NGOs, will have access to these works and have the opportunity to purchase or gift to others. Authentic, collection-worthy pieces will be at an affordable price range. The ‘Art Shop by RC’ provides online shopping services for the artworks as well, and in ‘Academy by RC’, there are education, seminar and conference services available that are provided by experts in their fields.

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